Environmentally friendly generation of heat and power

We operate our own biogas plant so that we can dispose of your biowaste. The biowaste is fermented in the fermenter, with all air excluded. This creates biogas, which is then converted into electricity and heat in the adjoining combined heat and power plant. We use part of this to operate the biogas plant, but we feed around 75 percent of the electricity that we produce into the public mains system. This means that we - and you, as our customer - are directly helping to protect the environment. After all, the electricity obtained through fermentation is renewable energy through and through.

Extracting organic fertilizer

The liquid fermentation product is turned into high-quality organic fertilizer, BIO N, which complies with the strict quality control requirements laid down by the independent quality assurance group 'Gütegemeinschaft Gärprodukte e.V.

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