Our company

A traditional family firm - with a modern outlook

Franz Högl, Sr. took over his parents' business over 50 years ago. Today, his children, Rita and Franz, run the company that is deeply rooted in the farming tradition. With his passion for farming, Franz Högl is responsible for technical matters, while Rita Högl is in charge of business administration for the Högl Group.

Sustainable growth in the region

At Högl, we are committed to a local energy concept. From our offices, we look out onto a wind turbine, a composting plant and a biogas plant. We feed wind-generated electricity into the public system. And we convert the methane produced in the biogas plant into heat and power in our own combined heat and power plant. To us, it's only natural that we should feel a responsibility for our own region. That's why, for example, we are a founding member of the Environmental Pact of Bavaria.

Taking nature's cycle of materials as a model

When we carry out our projects, we're guided by nature's own cycle of materials.

Certifications & Mitgliedschaften
  • Member of the VBS/BED
  • Certified under the Regulation on Specialist Disposal Companies